By: David & Tamara W

It is not often one finds someone like you with professionalism, yet friendly and compassionate interactions. At times I /we were quite the handful lol. Your patience and interaction with us was more than we could have hoped for. Whilst we have owned homes in the past it was a very different climate without such controversy and uncertainty. Also later stage in life for us so all sorts of different emotions, fear and anxiety. We can honestly say your communication with support and assurance helped us tremendously get through a very difficult process. We just wanted you to know how much we Appreciate you and again thank you so much for everything.

By: Margie G.

Marzena is an amazing person and Real Estate agent. She is the only reason I have moved into my "new to me home". She went to bat for me with the Bank and the insurance company. The amount they told me I would have to pay for a mortgage and insurance, because of the age of the home, was well over my budget. I was ready to give up and resend my offer. Marzena would not let me give up. She did her home work and found out more info on the property, contacted the bank and insurance company and after several calls to my banker she was able to get me the mortgage I could afford and same with the insurance. THANKYOU Marzena, for you being you, a determined, sweet, kind, not give up, won't take no for an answer, beautiful person.

By: Nigel T.

Many thanks, Marzena for all your hard work! I was so new to the housing market as a first-time buyer and had heard horror stories about the crazy real-estate market from friends and family. But you simplified the process and you were both professional and personal! especially when dealing with the selling agent. I am so appreciative of all your advice and direction and I would definitely recommend you to friends, family, and others in the Windsor-Essex region.

By: Jessica Meloche

Marzena is amazing! I was quite nervous about the process of selling my first home. Marzena patiently walked me through step-by-step, made sure I knew what to expect, and offered expert advice that helped me through the negotiations. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks Marzena.

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